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Celebrate National Dog Mom Day with us!

National Dog Mom Day

Each year on the second Saturday in May, we celebrate National Dog Mom Day! The holiday is the perfect time to celebrate your favorite Dog Moms, or to join the club and become one yourself by adopting a new pup! We asked some of our Operation Kindness Dog Moms what they love the most about having their dogs in their lives.

What does being a “Dog Mom” mean to you?

Jessica Echols, Overnight Kitten Nursery Tech – “Being a dog mom means I have someone, or in this case three someones, that rely on me for care. I provide food, shelter, a big backyard and all the love they can handle. I wanted to provide myself with something to nurture and love, but I knew I didn’t want children, so I adopted and rescued three dogs over the past five years. They may not be human children, but they are my children.”

Frances Pena, Marketing Assistant – “For me, being a dog mom is priceless because you get to experience taking care of a beautiful living being that loves you unconditionally.”

What are some of the highlights of being a Dog Mom? How has it improved your life?

Jessica – “I think the biggest highlight is that no matter what happened in my life, I have best friends for life. They’re always there for me, they’ve sat with me when I cried, they’ve been through breakups, job changes, promotions, college graduation, every major life event they’ve been there for me. It may be as simple as a kiss or a cuddle, or the excitement that they have every time I walk through the door, but they’re such an integral part of me. I wouldn’t be me without them.”

Frances – “The highlight of being a dog mom is getting the unconditional love and companionship of your fur baby. It also teaches you to be responsible of their care, love and attention, and as a dog mom you get to experience the joy of nurturing and caring for another living being.”

What are some unexpected ways that having dogs has changed your life?

Jessica – “They have changed the social aspect of my life. I’m very much a social introvert. That seems counterproductive of these words, but it’s true. I love to stay in, watch movies, play games and just cuddle on the couch with my dogs reading a book. But we also go to the dog park, on walks, hikes, camping, events that are dog friendly and even shopping at dog friendly places. Ask me about my dogs and their stories and I’m the most socially extroverted person you’ve met all day. They also get me outdoors more, whether it’s to throw a ball or having my Husky mix pulling me through a five-mile hike. They’ve been an integral part of helping me manage my health. Five years ago I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic and then recently found out I have liver disease. Exercise is a huge management tool of both of these health issues, and my dogs have helped me become healthier. I want them to get the exercise they need to be and stay healthy, and that means I get the exercise I need too.”

How did you decide to become a Dog Mom?

Jessica – “I didn’t decide to become a dog mom, it just happened but now I wouldn’t change anything. I was working in human medicine at the time and my patient’s daughter had brought a puppy up from California to sell to someone, well they ghosted her. She left the puppy in a kennel for three days. She was going to drop her off at a shelter and I said I would take her. I planned on getting her vet checked, vaccinated, spayed and rehomed. I’d done it with over a hundred kittens, how could one puppy be any different? Almost five years later and she is the best thing that’s happened to me. I never knew I could love another being as much as I love her, and now her adopted siblings as well. Each one has their own rescue story, each one not planned, but they found their way into my life and into my heart.

Frances – “I love dogs and have always wanted to take care of one on my own. I have always wanted to be able to give them a lot of happiness and love.”

What would you tell someone who is considering adding a dog to their family?

Jessica – “I always tell people if they’re thinking of getting a dog, to do it as long as they have the means. If you’re getting the dog as a puppy it’s a 10-15 year commitment in most cases. I’ve moved homes and states with my dog, each time making sure I could take them with me. And just this year I bought a house so they could have their own backyard with a dog door so they can come and go as they please. You will never know the unconditional love a dog can give you until you’re laying there cuddled up and just see the adoration and love they have for you in their eyes. We may have the whole world around us, but we’re their whole world.”

Frances – “Adding a dog to your life is adding to your family. It is a big responsibility, and you need to be aware of their needs and care. But most of all, it is one of the most rewarding experiences you can add to your life.”

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