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Become a volunteer dog walker!

Operation Kindness I Dog lovers become volunteer dog walkers in Operation Kindness' Track Pack.

As they wait for new families, the dogs at Operation Kindness still need to get in their exercise! Thankfully, our devoted team of volunteer dog walkers, known as the Track Pack, meets regularly to ensure our friendly pups get their steps in while waiting for their new homes.

Benefits of walking dogs

The human benefits of walking are well known, but dogs benefit from regular walking as well. Regular walks

  • Keep dogs at a healthy weight
  • Helps regulate boredom
  • Allows them to socialize with other dogs in a safe environment

Become a Volunteer Dog Walker

Operation Kindness’ Track Pack volunteers have gone through our basic animal handling training and have a passion for keeping dogs happy and in shape. The group meets on the first and last Saturdays of the month to take waiting dogs for walks around our shelter’s 1.5-mile trail. Track Pack volunteers get some exercise and socializing in while our dogs get an opportunity to stretch their legs and use their noses.

A Track Pack Volunteer’s Testimony

According to some of its own members, Track Pack is a group that is as rewarding for the volunteers as it is for the dogs who get their walk.


To learn more about Track Pack and get registered, visit our volunteer page.


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