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Our volunteer program is an essential part of Operation Kindness. Volunteers are involved in all aspects of the organization and enable us to save even more lives.
By joining Operation Kindness’ team of dedicated volunteers, you’ll build strong relationships with other like-minded animal lovers, the community, and of course, the animals themselves. Working together, we can help match more pets with loving homes.
Happy dog available for adoption with volunteer from Operation Kindness | No-Kill Animal Shelter North Texas

Ways to Volunteer

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Get started with individual volunteering below. Volunteers can start as young as age 16.
Step 1:
We are excited for you to begin your volunteer journey with Operation Kindness. We are currently accepting volunteers ages 16 and up.
We are always looking for volunteers of all backgrounds and experience levels.
Step 2:
Next, complete a registration form and pay your volunteer fee of $45 per person.

The fee covers your badge, t-shirt, training, and administrative costs.

Step 3:
Once your application and fee are completed, your account will be processed by our volunteer team.
Once accepted, you will receive an email on further training and your first steps in volunteering with us.
Volunteers are required to complete at least 4 hours a month to remain active.

Shelter Volunteering

Volunteers play a vital role in lifesaving efforts. Operation Kindness has over 50+ opportunities for volunteers to get involved with. From aiding with daily tasks such as cleaning enclosures, walking dogs and animal training, to specialized roles like aiding with fundraising events or tour groups, there’s something for everyone. Volunteers can choose which opportunities or trainings to participate in.

Animal Care Support

Animal Care Support is vital to the health and well-being of the animals in our care, and a huge support to our Animal Care team. Volunteers will aid with kennel sanitization, laundry, dishes and general care of kennel spaces.
Animal Care Support is vital to the health and well-being of the animals in our care, and a huge support to our Animal Care team. Volunteers will aid with kennel sanitization, laundry, dishes and general care of kennel spaces.
This position aids with everyday kennel care tasks to allow our staff to focus on vulnerable animals within our shelter.
Offered every day at all locations.

Kitten Nursery Support

Volunteers aid with caring for underage kittens (and occasionally puppies!) by providing support to our nursery staff. Volunteers aid with bottle feeding, sanitation and socialization of kittens.


Keeping Operation Kindness animals mentally and physically stimulated is key to having stress-free pets! Volunteers aid with building and distributing a variety of different enrichment items from Kong toys to shredding treat-filled egg cartons.
Volunteers who complete advanced animal handling training participate in enrichment and socialization shifts with animals.


Sign up as a foster and you will receive one-on-one training on how to care for foster pets in your home.
Fosters are needed for orphaned puppies and kittens, nursing mothers, animals recovering from a medical procedure, and animals that need behavioral support.
The typical foster stay is two weeks to two months, depending on the individual animal. Learn more and sign up.
Volunteers can claim up to 2 hours a day of fostering towards volunteer hours.


As a non-profit organization, fundraising is pivotal to our life-saving efforts. Volunteer aid throughout the year aiding with fundraising events, tabling events, sending mailers to donors and aiding a variety of data entry work.

Client Service Support

Our Client Services team is the first shiny face clients meet! From our main location, offsite adoption event, to our retail partner locations, volunteers play an important part in the client experiences.
Volunteers aid with greeting, animal wrangling adoption contracts during adoption events, transport support, and more to promote adoptions.

Walking/Jogging Club

Track Pack is an opportunity for dogs and volunteers alike to get exercise and stimulation outside the shelter. This opportunity meets every Saturday and takes a 1.5-mile jog around the nearby business complex.
Dogs are able to stretch their legs and get socialization from our volunteers.

Medical Support

As a medically focused facility, aiding the sick, injured, and vulnerable is our mission. Volunteers aid with providing these animals with top-notch care while being medically treated.
Volunteers aid with kennel sanitizing, socialization + enrichment, dog walking, ringworm dips, parvo puppy cuddling and so much more!

Pet Food Pantry

Our Pet Food Pantry provides community support to individuals seeking assistance with pet supplies such as food or litter. Volunteers provide support in greeting clients and completing applications as well as aiding with fulfilling orders.
This opportunity is provided every Thursday and Sunday.