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Back by Popular Demand: Pets in Halloween Costumes + our tips!

Operation Kindness Blog - Halloween Pet Costume Photo Gallery and Tips | North Texas No-Kill Animal Shelter

Once again, we’re bringing back what our supporters love to see – adorable, adoptable animals in Halloween costumes! Of course, we only choose pets who enjoy being in costumes, offer lots of treats, and keep it short.

Dressing up your pet can be a fun and festive way to celebrate Halloween, if you have an enthusiastic participant.

Here are our tips for safely dressing your pet in costume:

  • Make sure your pet’s costume is not dangerous or irritating for your pet to wear. Some animals find costumes and outfits to be uncomfortable and constricting. Your pet should be able to move freely, sit/lay down, go to the bathroom, and drink water.
  • Be careful with accessories that may restrict eyesight or breathing, like glasses, goggles, masks, etc. This can cause extra stress on your pet if their senses are obstructed.
  • If your pet shows any signs of stress while in their costume, such as excessive panting, sweaty paws, or simply not moving freely – it’s best to forego the costume.
  • Monitor your pet while they are wearing their costume. They may be comfortable at first, but after wearing the costume for a while, they may begin to show signs of discomfort or stress.
  • If a full costume isn’t what your pet enjoys, try a festive bandana or collar instead! They’ll be comfortable and cute.

Click on the photos below to see Operation Kindness’ pets dressed in their Halloween best!