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Teaching your dog to ‘say please’

teach your dog to "say please"

Dogs are wonderful communicators, and they’re always ready to express their desires. However, without proper guidance, they may resort to behaviors such as jumping, barking, chewing or pulling on the leash to get what they want. At Operation Kindness, we believe in fostering a strong bond with our furry friends through positive training techniques. One such approach is teaching dogs to “say please” – a simple yet effective way to encourage politeness and curb undesirable behaviors.

What is the ‘Say Please’ command?

Teaching your dog to “say please” is more than a command – it’s a lifestyle that promotes trust and confidence in your relationship. Essentially, it involves training your dog to exhibit polite behavior when seeking anything they desire, whether food, attention, playtime or a walk outside. By instilling the habit of sitting as a request, you provide your dog with a socially acceptable way to communicate their needs.

How to Practice ‘Say Please’

Teach the Sit Command – Start by teaching your dog the basic “sit” command. This fundamental cue becomes the foundation for polite behavior.

Incorporate ‘Say Please’ in Daily Interactions –Integrate the “sit” command into your dog’s routine. Before meals, receiving pets, going outside or any other desired activity, ask your dog to sit.

Apply ‘Say Please’ to Playtime – When your dog brings you a toy, use it as an opportunity to reinforce politeness. Ask them to sit before engaging in play, whether it’s playing fetch or a game of tug.

Address Undesirable Behavior – If your dog resorts to undesirable behaviors like jumping or barking, ignore them and ask for a “sit.” Once they comply, reward them with what they want.

Stay Consistent – Consistency is key in reinforcing polite behavior. If your dog receives attention regardless of their behavior, they may continue with both polite and impolite actions. Be firm in enforcing the “say please” approach.

Be Proactive with Positive Reinforcement –Rather than only reacting to undesirable behavior, proactively praise and reward your dog when they exhibit good manners. This positive reinforcement encourages them to repeat polite behaviors.


Teaching your dog to “say please” is more than just a training technique – it’s a commitment to building a respectful and trusting relationship. At Operation Kindness, we encourage positive reinforcement to create a harmonious environment for both humans and their pets.

Incorporating “say please” into your daily interactions empowers your dog to express their needs politely, strengthening your bond with your furry friend. Embrace this approach and watch your dog become a well-mannered and happy companion.

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