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One year later: Dogs from cruelty case thriving in loving homes

Bruce HSUS

Last July, Operation Kindness took in 10 dogs surrendered to the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) in an animal cruelty case. All the dogs were extremely malnourished, dangerously underweight and suffering from life-threatening heartworm disease.

HSUS reached out to us for help and our Operation Kindness staff and volunteers jumped into action. Our medical staff provided the dogs with expert veterinary care and our volunteer fosters made sure the pups had safe warm homes to go to.

Today, these dogs are living in new homes where they are happy, healthy and loved beyond belief. Here are three of their stories!


Jazz was adopted by the Pugh family, where she spends her time playing with her two human brothers! Here is what her family shared with us.

Jazz“She is still named Jazz but she also answers to Jazzy, Snazzy and Snazzy Jazzy. We adopted Jazz 8/7/2022 and our lives haven’t been the same since. We were hesitant to adopt her because of her heartworms but when we met her, we knew she was the doggy we needed. She loves walks, playing fetch for a few throws and belly rubs.  She is not bashful in asking for belly rubs either. She has discovered bunnies and keeps our backyard free of them.”


Jay not only found a loving family, but a job! He serves as the mascot for his family’s business, Dallas Sunrise Maids. Here is what his family shared with us.

Jay“We are so delighted and excited to tell you about our boy Jay! We are a house maid cleaning company right out of Plano, TX. Our days can be busy and stressful dealing with clients and situations all day. We are so lucky to have Jay be our office mascot. Every day at work he always brightens up the mood with his warm personality and sweet cuddles. He is not just a dog— he is part of the team! Always sitting in on our meetings and just wanting to be around the crew. His presence is always welcome. On top of that he has a family that loves him very much. With 2 brothers and a sister on the way, he is definitely part of the family now.”


Bruce was adopted by Operation Kindness’ own social media coordinator, Arpisara! He comes to work with her at our Carrollton Shelter several times a week! Here is what Bruce’s owner shared with us.

Bruce HSUSI had no plans on getting another dog anytime soon, but sometimes life has other plans. I had just started working at Operation Kindness a month prior to the cruelty case dogs arriving. We were told the 10 dogs arriving were in rough shape, but had no idea how truly heartbreaking it would be. Bruce was the first one off the van, and his condition shocked us all. Despite being just skin and bones and full of heartworms and parasites, his radiant and happy personality already shined through. Because of the state of his health, our medical team kept him on site to better care for him and allow for him to get stronger every day. A coworker office fostered him to give him time out of his kennel. After just one day of spending personal time with him I was head over heels in love. I called dibs on fostering him as soon as he was cleared to be fostered and did so until he was medically cleared for adoption! I knew he was mine the first time our eyes locked. He has been the greatest decision I have ever made. He is the goofiest, sweetest, most well behaved  little hippo I have ever met. He’s a huge foodie, is an expert at taking stuffing out of toys, loves annoying his cat big sister, plays hard at work with his dog bestie, Marnie, and treats ever person like they’re his best friend. You would never guess that he is the same dog that stepped off that van a year ago with all the fur and squishy rolls he has now! Watching him blossom and be able to enjoy the life he deserves has been one of the greatest privileges of my life.

We are extremely grateful to our donors, fosters, volunteers and adopters for making these life-changing rescues possible. If you are interested in signing up to volunteer to help with situations like this in the future, you can check out our volunteer and foster pages, or contact our volunteer and foster teams.

We love to hear and share success stories like Bruce, Jay and Jazz’s as often as we can! If you have adopted a pet from Operation Kindness, let us know how your pet is doing!

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