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Meet Baby Grand, the 1,000th kitten cared for in our nursery!

Baby Grand

Meet Baby Grand, the 1,000th kitten to receive care in the Operation Kindness neonatal kitten nursery! Baby Grand was transferred from a shelter partner in Mesquite, Texas, after being found orphaned. Baby Grand was placed with the Operation Kindness kitten nursery to receive round-the-clock care needed to thrive at only nine days old.

Our nursery opened almost a year and a half ago, in May 2022. The nursery, staffed 24/7 by our expert medical team, provides veterinary care to nursing mothers and underage kittens.

With state-of-the-art incubators, regular bottle feedings and IV-fluid intake, kittens receive undivided attention they may not otherwise have access to outside of our nursery. Until about four weeks old, kittens cannot eat on their own and must be fed every few hours – a resource that many shelters don’t have.

Neonatal kittens are especially at risk of dying in shelters because they are too young to take care of themselves. They are also weeks or months away from being eligible for adoption. With weakened immune systems, these kittens are more likely to contract disease than other animals in shelters.

The kitten nursery has also been a valuable resource to our rescue partners. Operating the kitten nursery allows us to accept neonatal kittens from other shelters, even if we do not yet have a foster home lined up. The nursery bridges the gap for kittens that would otherwise have nowhere else to go.

We couldn’t have helped so many animals in need without the support of generous donors. Our kitten nursery “graduates” have been able to grow big, strong and healthy, socialize with other animals and find the loving families they deserve.

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