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Construction is underway at Operation Kindness

Operation Kindness Blog - Construction underway at Operation Kindness | North Texas No-Kill Animal Shelter

We’re embarking on a new chapter at Operation Kindness. We’re going to revolutionize medical care for our homeless animals and increase our capacity to save more lives.

This is made possible through a $12 million dollar capital campaign to build a brand new, state-of-the-art animal hospital to provide an even higher quality of care for sick and injured animals. We’re expanding and renovating all aspects of our current facility to increase our daily capacity for pets, build indoor/outdoor access for dogs, and quieter, more relaxing spaces for cats.

The plan

Improvements to the Operation Kindness facility include a new 9,200 square-foot, state-of-the-art animal hospital and expansion of the large dog area and addition of new cat community rooms and cat patios. New and renovated spaces will accommodate up to 35% more homeless cats and dogs and will also provide a more welcoming and healthier environment for them. Additionally, the new facility will improve visitors’ access to happy, healthy animals and increase parking.

Construction timeline

  • The animal hospital and new administrative offices are expected to open in October 2019.
  • Construction on the Bear’s Den building for large dogs will begin in June 2019, anticipated to be complete by summer 2020.
  • Renovations to the existing facility, including the lobby, cat rooms, and small dog rooms, will begin in early 2020.

Benefits for the animals

Above all else, we’re really excited about what this means for the animals. A few of the benefits are:

  • Expanded indoor/outdoor kennels for dogs with more space
  • Quieter, more relaxing areas for cats
  • Outdoor areas for animals under medical treatment to get fresh air
  • Additional isolation rooms to improve recovery time for contagious illness
  • Separation between the animal hospital and adoption center, reducing spread of illness
  • Space for an oxygen generator for treating upper respiratory infections
  • Soundproofing to reduce noise and stress on the animals

All construction and renovations are expected to be complete by end of summer 2020.