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Caring for foster kittens

Operation Kindness Blog | Caring for foster kittens | Operation Kindness No-kill Animal Shelter

As we head into the spring months with warmer weather, Operation Kindness expects to see an influx of kittens that will need special foster care!

Our foster program is an essential part of our lifesaving work. Fostering not only helps us take care of this vulnerable population, but it provides kittens a chance to grow healthy and strong before they’re ready to find a loving home.

Providing around-the-clock support to foster families, Operation Kindness is always here to answer any questions and address any medical concerns. For young kittens, here’s an overview of what a foster stay might look like:

  • Prepare your home

    • Providing a safe environment in your home for kittens is incredibly important to their health and safety.
    • We provide necessities such as food, towels, cat litter, and more to ensure that all kittens have what they need to succeed.
    • You’ll need a quiet space in your home separate from other animals.
  • Support developmental progress

    • As your foster kitten grows, their development progresses and their needs change.
      • 0-2 Weeks: Kittens must be kept warm and fed regularly, regardless of whether they’re being cared for by their mother or if they’re a bottle baby. At this stage, the kitten’s eyes will gradually open.
      • 2-4 Weeks: Crawling and playfulness, including biting of the ears, tails, and paws, begin to happen. The socialization phase also starts with more handling to expose them to human contact.
      • 4-6 Weeks: It’s bath time! Many kittens will begin cleaning themselves, although she will continue to do so if mom is around. To wean off milk or formula, you will introduce wet foods at this stage. Litter training also begins.
      • 6-8 Weeks: Vaccination time! Cats need their vaccines to stay healthy. During this stage, they continue to be curious as they explore and learn to play. You can introduce dry kibble along with wet food to continue weaning.
  • Ready for adoption

    • We encourage each family to write a note about the kittens, informing us of personality traits that will help match them with the right family!
    • Foster families share photos and videos that are used on their adoption profile.
    • Once your foster kitten is made available for adoption, they may be adopted through tele-adoption or return to the shelter to meet their match.

Fostering is an incredibly rewarding experience. You can play an important role in the journey of a homeless pet to their new family. To become a foster with Operation Kindness, read more and sign up here.