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Bear & Petey, dogs owned by Plano crossing guard find new homes

Operation Kindness Blog | Bear and Petey, dogs of beloved Plano crossing guard Bob Manus find new homes | Operation Kindness No-kill Animal Shelter

The beloved dogs of a longtime crossing guard in Plano who recently died from COVID-19 complications are finding new homes through Operation Kindness. Bob Manus, a fixture of the Plano community, loved his dogs Bear – a lab mix – and Petey – a chihuahua mix – like they were his kids.

Manus’ family lives out of state and reached out for assistance in finding new homes for Bear and Petey. Our hearts were so touched by the impact Bob had on the community, and we were honored to help provide care to his dogs. They were brought to Operation Kindness on January 23, 2021.

When each dog arrives at Operation Kindness, we set up a nice, clean kennel space, including comfortable bedding, fresh food and water, and toys to play with. Although some dogs adjust to the shelter after just a few days, it isn’t always an easy transition.

Both Bear and Petey spent time in our Real Life room, which has a comfy couch, soft music, calming scents, and feels a little more like home. When dogs are in the Real Life room, they hang out with a member of our behavior team to help make sure they are as comfortable as possible. They will get to play with food puzzle toys, interactive toys, chew on a new bone, or just hang out on a soft bed or couch.

Our behavior team assessed Bear & Petey and determined that they were not bonded to each other and could be adopted separately – helping to speed their journey to a new family.

Bear and Petey both went to foster care while waiting to be matched with prospective adopters.

We’re thrilled to share that Bear was adopted on February 1, 2021! Petey is awaiting a dental procedure and will be made available for adoption soon.

We are so grateful to Bob Manus for providing Bear and Petey with a loving home, and for his support of animal rescue during his life. Bob will certainly be missed by all who knew him.