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Camilla found a loving family and her new best friend

Camilla and Joey

Camilla came to us in need of medical assistance

When she came to Operation Kindness from one of our partner facilities, sweet Camilla, a two-year-old shepherd mix, was in desperate need of orthopedic surgery. She had suffered trauma to her front left leg, with her “elbow” fracturing, setting improperly, and refracturing several times.

By the time Camilla came to us, she could not bear any weight on her leg. Due to the severity of the damage, her leg could not be saved and had to be amputated. She spent a lot of time with our expert veterinary staff, who said Camilla was always in good spirits, constantly giving kisses on the table during her exams.

Camilla initially had a difficult time relearning to walk as she was overweight. However, she was extremely resilient, and under the care of and with help from a loving foster family, Camilla recovered from her surgery, lost weight and regained mobility.

Finding her family

Camilla was adopted by a family that had plenty of experience caring for a special needs pup – their chihuahua Joey only has two legs. The two dogs became fast friends, and Camilla fit right in!

Here is an update her new family shared with us:

“Camilla is an absolute dream dog. She has both lost the weight to help keep the pressure off her joints of her front leg and gotten a clean bill of health from the vet! She’s settled right into our home and other fur baby. They romp around (as best a 2-legged chihuahua can)! Camilla is so gentle with Joey, and they stay close by each other all day.”

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Camilla is just one great example of how pets can start happy, healthy lives with their new families. We love to hear stories about what the pets in our care are up to after they’ve been adopted. You can share your pet’s successful adoption story with us too!

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