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Announcing Our New Lifesaving Partnerships Hub: Coming Soon!

Operation Kindness I Operation Kindness unveils its new Lifesaving Partnerships Hub.

Operation Kindness has been saving animals lives out of its Carrollton shelter location for 47 years. This weekend, our organization made a historic expansion south with the announcement of the new Lifesaving Partnerships Hub, with a special unveiling of the new location and its services offered on Saturday, September 16.

The Operation Kindness Lifesaving Partnerships Hub

Located in Dallas near I-30 and N. Westmoreland Rd., the new facility will offer much-needed veterinary support for partner rescue groups pulling animals from Dallas Animal Services (DAS), so more animals can leave Dallas Animal Services’ care, increasing its lifesaving rate. The space will also  serve as a hub for interstate animal transport, the forensics partnership between Operation Kindness and Dallas and Operation Kindness’ pet food pantry. This will be the home base for Operation Kindness’ Community Initiatives team which works across Texas.

Ed Jamison, CEO of Operation Kindness, gave remarks, as did Meredith Jones, Operation Kindness Chief Community Initiatives Officer.

“For years, Operation Kindness has been known as a community leader in animal welfare,” said Ed Jamison, CEO of Operation Kindness. “We are bringing our lifesaving services beyond our shelter doors to our partners in the City of Dallas and beyond, expanding our footprint and reach of services where it is needed the most.”

The Lifesaving Partnerships Hub: A solution for South Dallas

The expansion of Operation Kindness comes as shelters across the country, including Dallas Animal Services, suffer from a national veterinary shortage. The Lifesaving Partnerships Hub will bring more veterinary resources for shelter partners, including DAS. The Hub’s surgery suite will be able to serve as a location for community cat spay/neuter surgeries. Southern Dallas already is considered a veterinary desert, but the resources for community cats are even more limited. Community cat surgeries performed at the Hub would decrease the significant overpopulation and improve the health and quality of life of community cats within southern Dallas, especially.

The Lifesaving Partnerships Hub will also serve as the southern hub for Operation Kindness’ pet food pantry. Currently, owners seeking food for their pets must drive to Operation Kindness’ Carrollton location. The Hub will serve as a more convenient pet pantry  location to deliver food and supplies to areas in the south that are most in need. Serving as the headquarters for the Community Initiatives program, the hub will increase the Community Wellness team’s ability to host vaccine and wellness clinics within southern Dallas.

The Lifesaving Partnerships Hub brings critical care and resources to what’s known as a “veterinary desert,” where residents lack access to veterinary services due to the absence of community clinics, high costs for services and the inability to transport pets outside of the geographical area. Through the Lifesaving Partnerships Hub, Operation Kindness is bringing critical resources to areas most affected by pet overpopulation, pet homelessness and preventable yet fatal diseases such as parvo and distemper. We can’t wait to update you on this exciting new endeavor and show you how the hub comes to life!

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