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2023 Dallas County Impact Report

Dallas County Impact Report

Since our founding in 1976, Operation Kindness has worked to make the world a kinder place for animals and the people who love them. As we continue to expand our mission work, we stay dedicated to serving animals in the City of Dallas and Dallas County.  

Reflecting on 2023

In 2023, our partners at Dallas Animal Services (DAS) continued to face capacity challenges. We remained their top transfer partner, transferring 27% of animals transferred from DAS into our care over the course of the year.  

In the greater community, we continued our work in veterinary care, launching our Lifesaving Partnerships team this year to help local shelters increase their capacity thanks to our program assessments and support. Our Community Initiatives team brought our services where they were needed most, from performing spay/neuter surgeries for shelter partners to hosting vaccine and microchip clinics across the county.  

This year, when we received the news that DAS and the Dallas Police Department (DPD) no longer had support for forensic veterinary evidence gathering for animal cruelty cases, we showed up to offer our support for Dallas animals in new ways. Our new specialty veterinarian team, embedded in our Dallas shelter, provides forensic examinations and necropsies for animals suspected victims of cruelty or neglect. This new endeavor for our organization helped us feel an even deeper connection to the animals in Dallas County.  

Each year, Operation Kindness expands our reach with the goal of bringing help and hope to every animal in need. As we grow, our love and service to Dallas stays strong. Thanks to your support, we’re eager to start the new year and see the impact we’ll make for animals in Dallas in 2024. We couldn’t do it without you!  

Dallas County Impact Report
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