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Door-to-door microchipping makes pet safety convenient


Garland Animal Services was finding stray dogs that showed signs of previous ownership but lacked microchips. Then, the organization received a generous donation of 100 microchips. How would they reach the people who needed them? This time, they wanted to reach beyond who might see news on social media. Operation Kindness partnered with Garland Animal Services to identify areas of the highest animal intake and hot spots of strays. Then, they started knocking on doors.  

Free Microchips for Pets 

The Operation Kindness Community Initiatives team went door-to-door in neighborhoods with free gifts of dog food, treats, collars and leashes, plus the offer to microchip their pets at home for free.  

Any worries that there would be hesitation from neighbors went out the door quickly. Said Rosa Garcia, Operation Kindness Community Initiatives Manager, “When it comes to talking about pets, people will open the door for you.” 

Free Vaccine Events in Dallas  

Working with shelter partners, Operation Kindness has now done over 100 microchips door-to-door. The greatest success has been meeting owners of puppies by door knocking who have gone on to take care of their new pets through Operation Kindness’ public vaccine events. As Garcia puts it, “We started building relationships.”  

Learn more about Operation Kindness’ Community Initiatives free microchip and vaccine events here.  

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