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Stories for Pets

Children of North Texas participating in Operation Kindness' Stories for Pets at their adoption center | Operation Kindness Blog: Stories for Pets

A good story can turn anyone’s day around – even a dog or cat.

That’s part of what the students at Lower Hockaday School are learning through Operation Kindness’ reading program.

Hockaday students take regular field trips to Operation Kindness, where they pull up stools and read stories to the best audience of all: dogs and cats.

The program offers the students a chance to read out loud without the fear of judgement, helping them gain greater confidence and skills.

Meanwhile, the reading program has a lot to offer the animals as well. The children provide companionship and socialization to dogs and cats.

And research shows that reading out loud often has a soothing effect on animals. A calmer, happier pet is also likely to be adopted sooner.

We’re so grateful to the students of Lower Hockaday School and other volunteers who take the time to read to the animals in our care. With each story you read, you’re making a difference for animals in need!