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Kitten supplies needed

kitten supplies needed

Kitten season at Operation Kindness requires a variety of specialty supplies.  Orphaned kittens need bottles, formulas, and warming discs. Nursing mothers need comfy beds and lots of nutritious food. All cats and kittens need litter, litter boxes and toys! 

You can help by sending a donation of supplies from our Amazon Wish List. Your donation will help make sure our shelter shelves stay stocked and a foster family has everything they need to help cats and kittens this year. 

At Operation Kindness, we’re dedicated to providing a nurturing space for foster kittens as they grow and develop. But we can’t do it alone – we need your assistance to ensure we have all the necessary supplies. 

Our foster team currently needs the following items most pressingly.  

  • Baby food  
  • Potty Pads 
  • KMR powder 
  • Kitten wet food (Fancy Feast preferred) 
  • Sensitive Baby wipes 
  • Weruva Kitten wet cans (Picky Kittens preferred)  
  • Reusable bags to transport foster supplies 

These items help us ensure that new foster parents can fully provide for the kittens they have taken in to provide a safe, enriching environment. Every donation is so appreciated!  

For more information on how to support our fosters and foster team, or on how to become one yourself, visit our foster webpage or contact our foster team.  

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