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Kitten rescued from inside car engine

Operation Kindness Blog - Kitten rescued from inside car engine | North Texas No-Kill Animal Shelter

It seemed like a normal Thursday morning in downtown Dallas. People were commuting to work, stopping for their coffee, birds were chirping – and a cat was meowing? Court Westcott, husband of Real Housewives of Dallas star and animal activist Kameron Westcott, was outside a local coffee shop when he heard the soft cries that turned out to be a kitten stuck under the hood of a parked car. He immediately picked up the phone and made a call to Operation Kindness.

When Operation Kindness received the news of this stuck kitten, we quickly responded along with the Dallas Fire-Rescue Department. Station 11 was immediately on-site with approximately 10 team members to assist.

Any situation where an animal is having to be rescued is always scary. Our goal was to make sure we find the kitten as quickly and as safely as possible. As the owner of the vehicle approached, she handed over her keys and told the crew, “Do whatever you have to.” And that’s exactly what Dallas Fire-Rescue Station 11 did.

Eleven being rescue

As multiple witnesses watched the events unfold, it had been almost an hour with no luck. The fire department had taken apart the vehicle and also brought out an emergency rescue-life air bag to help elevate the car and allow more access for searching. Just as the rescue mission seemed unsuccessful, Lieutenant Mike Milam noticed blood smeared near the small cabin air intake vents. He immediately popped the piece off and found the kitten hiding inside.

She was immediately rushed to the Operation Kindness animal hospital for medical evaluation. Upon arrival, our veterinarians noticed the kitten was missing part of her tail and had a small abrasion under her right eye. She was triaged and monitored for any signs of internal injuries. She was also very hungry, so we made sure to give her a meal right away! Watch the video of her first meal in the animal hospital >

Eleven with firefighters

The kitten, named Eleven after her heroes from Station 11, is continuing to recover at Operation Kindness! We are so grateful to Dallas Fire-Rescue Department and their efforts to rescue this sweet girl. Also, a big special thank you to Court Westcott for noticing little Eleven was in trouble and needed help.

Eleven is healing now at Operation Kindness and will be available for adoption soon!