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Keeping your pet safe on Independence Day

4th of July outfit

While the 4th of July is sure to bring Texans a fun weekend of excitement, food, and, of course, fireworks, this can be a scary time of the year for pets.

The sudden, loud noises from fireworks can cause anxiety for many pets. Fear can cause your pets to react out of instinct, from mild reactions like hiding or looking for reassurance to more severe reactions like digging out of yards or even breaking through windows.

Preparing your pet ahead of time

July is known as Lost Pet Prevention Month, as shelters see an increase in lost pets, particularly around the 4th of July holiday. You can help your prepare your pet for the festivities by follow these steps head of time!

  • Microchip your pet, make sure they have proper identification and are wearing a collar with tags. This will greatly increase the chances of your pet being returned to you if they become lost.
  • Make sure your pet has a safe and quiet place, like a kennel or bathroom. This will also help prevent your pet from darting outside should visitors come to your house.

How to help your pets during 4th of July activities

  • Secure your pet in their designated safe location.
  • Turn on your TV or some music to distract from firework noise. Providing background noise can help mask the sound of fireworks and keep your pet calm. Giving your pet toys and treats to chew on can also be a great distraction.
  • Leave your pet at home! The noises and excitement of firework display events can cause your pet to panic and get separated from you. They’ll be more comfortable at home in a familiar environment.
  • Be patient with your pet. Remember this can be a scary time for them. Offer them reassurance and comfort if they are anxious.

Steps to take after

  • If your pet gets lost, contact your local animal shelters immediately. If possible, it is best to go to the shelter in person to identify your pet. Make sure your pet is microchipped and has proper identification tags so that they can be easily reunited with you. If you pet came from Operation Kindness, they were microchipped before your adoption!
  • It is important to assess your pet’s stress/anxiety level after Independence Day is over to see what may need to be adjusted for the next year. For severe cases of anxiety, talk to your veterinarian about medication options.
  • For expert advice on behavior and training, please reach out to our behavior team or visit our resources page.

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