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How Adoption Changed Bella’s life

Bella and her cat Benz, who was adopted from Operation Kindness, North Texas No-Kill Animal Shelter

Nearly three years have passed since Bella adopted Benz, a handsome cat she fell in love with at Operation Kindness. She wanted to let our readers know how grateful she is to you for your support of Operation Kindness, which makes adoption stories like hers possible. “Thank you for all you do and for giving me so much joy,” Bella says.

Bella shares that Benz, formerly known as Jeffrey, is a ‘mama’s boy’ who goes everywhere with her and continues to win the hearts of strangers and friends alike. “He has converted more ‘cat–haters’ than any cat I know and is always the life of the party and light of my life,” Bella says.

And when friends or strangers ask where she found such a beautiful cat, Bella says she’s always eager to share about Operation Kindness and all the amazing pets there. “Adopting has been the greatest choice I’ve ever made,” Bella says. Your support of Operation Kindness continue to make countless stories like this possible.

If you’re interested in adding a cat to your family, browse our adoptable cats and see if one is right for you!