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Operation Kindness joins the BISSELL Pet Foundation National Shelter Alliance

Operation Kindness Blog | Operation Kindness Joins the BISSELL Pet Foundation National Shelter Alliance | Operation Kindness No-kill Animal Shelter

As a continuation of our lifesaving work, Operation Kindness is partnering with the BISSELL Pet Foundation (BPF) National Shelter Alliance to support pets and the community during crises and natural disasters. We’re excited to join as a member of the national alliance as a resource and provide relief during times of difficulty. Partnerships are integral to Operation Kindness and our mission to give cats and dogs an excellent quality of life.

Formed together by the BISSELL Pet Foundation and Code 3 Associates, the alliance works with shelters across the nation, like Operation Kindness, to increase access to crisis management, resource stabilization, and sustainable programs. These efforts will empower pet shelters, build connections, and strengthen a network of like-minded individuals making a difference in animal rescue and welfare.

Joining this new endeavor aligns with our humane values and enables Operation Kindness to take a more active role in disaster response. Our capabilities as a shelter have significantly grown since we opened in 1976. That’s all due to the support of the community and our shared interest in animal welfare.

By joining the national alliance, Operation Kindness will have access to a support network consisting of:

  • Staff and consultants with expertise in population management and resource referrals
  • Fundraising opportunity referrals for disaster/cruelty response and animal transport
  • Disaster preparedness and training
  • Sustainable programs encouraging animal welfare
  • Collaborations on a state and regional level to save the lives of animals

Our first opportunity with the BPF National Shelter Alliance was to take an emergency transport (pictured above) from our partners at Montgomery County Animal Services (MCAS) in Conroe, TX. MCAS had to execute a warrant on an animal cruelty case, meaning they needed to make room for many new animals at their shelter quickly. We were able to help by moving 21 animals from their existing shelter population, freeing up space for the animals from the cruelty case. When we work together in situations like these, we can help even more animals in need.

If you’d like to learn more about the BISSELL Pet Foundation’s National Shelter Alliance and how it will continue supporting animals in need, visit the organization’s website. You can also donate to help support our efforts to help as many animals in need as possible.