Host a sleepover

What is a sleepover?

You can bring home an eligible Operation Kindness dog or cat for an overnight stay in your home. You get to spend some time snuggling with a wonderful, very appreciative pet – and help determine if the pet is the right fit for your family. Participants who do sleepovers tell us about the animal’s behavior in a home environment — behavior that may be very different from what we see.

Dogs are available for sleepovers up to 3 nights, and cats for up to 7 nights.

What supplies do I need?

Operation Kindness will provide all needed supplies including food, crate, and bedding. If your sleepover guest is currently on medication, we will provide enough medication for the stay and give instructions for giving medication. We do ask that you return supplies to Operation Kindness at the time of adoption. If you wish to keep the current supplies this can be done by making a donation.

Where can I take my sleepover guest?

Cats should remain in the home and not go outside. We encourage you to take your dog out and about in calm environments where pets are welcome. We ask that you avoid off leash dog parks, or heavily crowded events as they could be stressful for your guest.

Can I adopt my sleepover guest?

Yes, we'd love it! Before taking your guest home, you will fill out our adoption questionnaire. If you decide you'd like to adopt your guest, just give us a call and we'll work out the arrangements. Some pets may not even need to return to the shelter for the adoption to be completed.

If you decide not to adopt, that's okay too! You've provided an animal a break and a fun outing, while helping us learn more about their personality in a home environment.

Ready to bring home a sleepover guest or learn more? Contact our Client Services team.