Dogs Say "Please"
How to practice Say Please

1. Teach your dog to sit.
2. Ask your dog to sit before they get their meals, get pet, get to go outside, etc.
3. If your dog brings you a toy, ask them to sit before you take the toy, play fetch, or play tug.
4. If your dog demands anything with behavior that you do not like, ignore him and ask him to sit. Wait for him to sit and then give him something that he wants. If demanding behavior has worked in the past, don’t be surprised if he tries harder to get your attention using these behaviors before he learns to ask politely.
5. Be consistent! If sometimes jumping or barking gets your attention and sometimes sitting gets your attention then the dog is likely to try any of these behaviors.
6. Remember to be proactive instead of only reactive. If your dog is doing something that you like, praise him and give him rewards. Don’t just wait until your dog is doing something you don’t like to give him feedback.

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