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As a no-kill shelter, we can only take an animal if we have room. We never euthanize an animal to make room for another. If we are unable to take your animal, we will give you  suggestions and possible alternatives for placing your animal.

If you would like to send information to Animal Intake about an animal you would like to surrender, please include all of the following information and a photograph in an email to The more details you provide, the faster we will be able to process your request.

Surrender Criteria

1. Behavior: Including how well the animal acts with people and other animals. For a scared/under socialized animal, space and resources must be available for its rehabilitation.

2. Health: ·  Is the animal treatable; able to be rehabilitated and/or is its issue manageable?

3. Age: Older animals are difficult to adopt out, but, we will try to take them when their behavior and health is good.

4. Breeds: We do not take feral cats or feral dogs.  If we have too many of one breed or color, acceptance into the shelter will be delayed until our numbers are reduced.

5. Space: Sometimes, we simply do not have enough space to bring in more animals.

6. Email a photograph to Failing to email the photo will result in your request being delayed, possibily denied.

Pet Information

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Please note:

Due to the large volume of requests we receive, we will only be able to contact you if we have a cage of the
appropriate size available or if we require additional information.

If you have not received a response to your email within 48 hours, you can go to for a listing
of other animal shelters or rescue groups in the dallas/ ft. worth area.