Meet Sabrina!
Hello, My Name is Sabrina!
Australian Cattle Dog
ID: 40626576
2 Years 4 Months
55 pounds
Location: Bears Den
Adoption Fee: $185.00
Sabrina is a true-blue Australian Cattle Dog and represents all of the best things about her breed! She's smart, she's active, she's ready to learn all kinds of behaviors and tricks - she already knows how to sit!

She loves affection and is ready to make a great pet for her new family.

Here's a fun video of her working on training:

**Sabrina is a participant in Operation Kindness Sleepover Program - which means you can bring her home for up to 3 nights for a sleepover in your home! You'll be able to learn more about her and whether she's a fit for you. You can choose to adopt or share what you've learned about her to help her find the right home. For more information, contact 972-418-7297.