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Devine Dexter
I just want to say thank you to you and Operation Kindness for matching me with this awesome dog named Dexter. I have had him for more than six months now and things could not be better. I live in a town home in Dallas and was concerned about getting a larger dog, but Dexter could not have adjusted better. He and I enjoy our daily walks, and I must admit he has adjusted much better than some of the smaller dogs that I have had. We spend time on the weekends at my sisters ranch, and he has such a great time running with the other dogs, playing in the mud and chasing us around in the cub cadet. I will never have another pet that isn't a rescue animal! You guys are great.

Joel and Maggie S.
Energetic Oliver
Oliver is a wonderful puppy, FULL of energy! While you can tell baths are not his favorite activity, he does love to run around the yard and play fetch and always keeps US active! He has made a couple of trips to the dog park at White Rock Lake and quickly made friends with other puppies and older dogs. Everyone at his Vet's office adores him! Strangers continuously compliment him on being such a handsome dog! We are planning on beginning obedience training in November. Overall, we could not be happier with our decision to adopt Oliver. He is an entertaining and loyal friend and we look forward to enjoying many years together!

I adopted Elliott (orange kitty) from you in December of 2004 and Boudreaux (grey/white) was a Hurricane Katrina rescuee that I adopted from you in September of 2005. As you can see, they are best friends. It's not evident from the photo, but Elliott is a big boy. Not fat, but tall and big boned. Boudreaux is a little guy, small and petite in stature. Both are sweet and loving, Elliott especially is a big Mama's Boy, and both bring so much joy to my life. I have a grey tabby, Esther, that I adopted from OK in 1997. She is now 11 years young and rules the house. Thanks, again and again, for bringing them all into my life.

Family: Trey
Sweet Baxter
I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful addition to my family. I adopted Joey, the cute little Schnauzer mix you guys had. He has more than adjusted well to his new home. He is perfectly housetrained loves to "go bye-bye" in the car, love to play fetch, and loves to run and run and run in the back yard. His new name is Baxter and he has yet to meet a stranger. He has a ton of toys to play with and finally has the life he deserves. I was very concerned about bringing him into a home with two eight year old cats, but they have all gotten along perfectly.... they all play together like they have always been together. I just cant believe somebody gave this sweetheart away. I also want to especially thank Rebecca Fox for all of her help. I love her for what she did for me and Baxter (Joey)!!!!

Pumpkin Pie
I wanted to update you on Mary, the little pitbull I adopted from your shelter a couple of weeks ago. We've renamed her Pumpkin because she's sweet as pumpkin pie! Pumpkin was also very easy to housetrain. (I just put her on a leash in the house and tied the leash around my waist and never let her out of my sight.) I still keep an eye on her, but we think the accidents in the beginning were due to stress. Thank you so much for all the good work you do and for taking Mary in off the streets and saving her life. Please thank Rebecca in particular and tell her that Mary nee Pumpkin has found her forever home!

Family: Jerilyn
Precious Sasha Marie
Thank you for all of you who work or volunteer with Operation Kindness. I adopted my little Shih Tzu "Sasha" from you on 12/15/07. She was very sick at the time. You are the ones who rescued her. Your volunteers helped me be sure that Sasha would interact nicely with a cat. You answered my questions and calmed my nerves. Thank you for all you did. I feel very blessed to have little Sasha Marie in my life. Learning how much went into Sasha's care before I adopted her gave me just a small idea of the HUGE things that donations pay for. Thank you again, so much, for saving her precious life.

Lovable Mandy
Thank you for your follow up on Mandy. I kept the name Mandy because she looked like a Mandy. I want to thank you for the privilege of adopting her. She is so precious and lovable that I can't understand why you had her so long except for her age. My vet thinks she is closer to 10 years old as opposed to 8 years old. It doesn't matter to me or my other wonderful shelter dog, Darby, how old she is. The old saying "You can't teach an old dog new tricks" doesn't apply to Mandy! She has not had any health or behavior problems. She just wants to be loved. Mandy is a joy and a wonderful companion. She and Darby sit on my lap at the same time! She is real smart (I know everyone says that about their dog!) and she learned the doggie door in 3 tries. I feel so blessed to have Mandy and Darby in my life. Thank you again for letting me adopt Mandy. I promise you she will have a wonderful home for several years to come!
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